Why You Should Embrace Change

I have been quiet on my social media platforms for a while now, stuck in a bubble, fighting change instead of embracing it.

Since I always want to walk my talk, I unplugged because while in the bubble, I didn’t feel as if I was able to.


Fast forward. I believe the knot is undone and this is what I have learned about accepting change.


It’s natural to be afraid of what change might bring especially when you are used to leading stable environments that provide a sense of constancy, predictability, routine, and where the outcomes can be easily controlled.

Leading todays VUCA environment and where knowledge is widely distributed, needs you to focus on engaging people to collaborate, and connect authentically to build relationships, all with a deep sense of purpose.

The only thing change does is force you to be adaptable, assertive and to level up.


Change makes you reevaluate your leadership, and the choices that have led to the moment you find yourself in.

The evaluation is a journey that reflects your ability to grow as a leader, expand your capacity, and a reminder that you always have a choice.

Choice in leadership equates empowerment.


It means that you are empowered, and have the freedom to influence according to the best of your ability.

However unnerving it might be, avoid clinging to cycles and patterns that are not serving your leadership.

Allow change to manifest new beginnings and opportunities in your leadership and life.

Do not rob yourself of lifetransforming experiences by fighting change. Embrace it.

Natalie Schrogl - Author

Founder & Managing Director, The Interface Leadership

Natalie Schrogl is a sought after leadership strategist, keynote speaker, and creator of "The ARMOUR of Leadership", a template for leadership transformation and a solid guide to crafting a sustainable response to the changing leadership landscape.