Empower. Ecosystem. Leverage

Outcomes for Organisations


  • As an organisation, the ARMOUR framework will enable you to identify your leadership gaps. It will also equip you with insight, methodologies, and tools to lead efficiently and maintain a competitive advantage. 
  • The ARMOUR is a solid guide for organisations to cultivate sustainable people-centric leadership cultures that improve employee retention and increase workforce productivity.
  • It enables start-ups and young companies to create leadership frameworks that provide structure and a solid foundation regardless of how fast they scale.
Outcomes for Leaders


  • As a leader, The ARMOUR of leadership will empower you with competencies critical to finding your purpose, positioning, and leadership path.
  • As a mid-manager or emerging leader, The ARMOUR of leadership provides you with a framework that translates into actionable strategies to enable you successfully navigate and manage expectations from both sides.
  • The ARMOUR will help you learn how to access and articulate the value you bring to the organisation to maximize your career success.