Avoid These Five Mistakes and Keep Your Teams Inspired


It's no secret that engaged employees are invaluable.

According to Gallup research, engaged employees lead to 17% more profitability, 59% reduction in employee turnover and 41% fewer absences. These factors are fundamental in building high performing teams and committed business units.

With the global pandemic and rise of the new normal, keeping teams inspired and engaged has never been more imperative. 

Avoid making these fmistakes and keep your team motivated:



  • Lack of orientation


A common mistake most companies make is assuming that employees understand the vision, mission and company goals as communicated.

Words mean different things to different people. Understanding that the diversity of most teams demands clear and effective communication is paramount to providing orientation.

When people have clarity, understand the communicated goals and how their contribution compliments the bigger vision, they are intrinsically motivated, they stay engaged and productive.


  • Lack of empathy


As a leader, you will always play a role in how your employees feel.

According to a study by brain-imaging, when employees recalled a leader that had been unkind, they showed increased activation in areas of the brain associated with avoidance, and the opposite was true when they thought of an empathic leader.

Empathy in leadership is imperative in fostering the individual and collective resilience needed as the world navigates these uncertain times.

Listen to what your people are saying to you.

How can you expect people to go the extra mile for the business and your customers if they do not feel valued, appreciated and understood?


  • Not investing time in them


Regardless of industry or size, people are the pillars of organisations. However, this fact gets overlooked far, too often. 

Employees must never only be a means of getting the job done, attracting more customers, and thus higher revenue. 

Take the time to know your employees. The people they are outside the workplace, what motivates them, their goals, aspirations and how working for you can bring them closer to achieving those goals?

As Richard Bronson said, "Take care of your employees, and they will take care of your business."


  • Lack of flexibility


The pandemic ushered a 24-7 world driven by technology and globalization. There has been an increased demand for talent and customer services across borders. Time zones beyond the usual 9-to-5 have caused the emergence of new working hours, alternative shift patterns and changing needs of the workforce.

To keep up, leaders must be agile and swiftly adapt to these changes. By empowering people to work where, when and how they work best, they will be productive and motivated.

Flexibility has proven to be a vital asset when it comes to successfully navigating these uncertain times.


  • Overlooking the small wins


It's easy to overlook small wins when you're focused on surviving and navigating unchartered waters. 

Leaders today are required to be intentional about recognizing milestones, however small.  Teams need and deserve encouragement to reduce anxiety, maintain a positive outlook and offer safe learning opportunities.



People want to feel seen, valued and engaged. Engaging with the people we serve enables us understand the levers for improving loyalty, commitment and retention our organisations deserve.

Invest in people. They will stay inspired and engaged. 

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